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Flowers, Veggies, & More!

Photo of the Library's Pollinator Garden
The Library Pollinator Garden located on the south side of the library shed.

Hello from Morgan, your library fairy! Here at the library, things are buzzing... literally! While Summer Reading is in full swing, so are the flowers & pollinators! As I make my nightly rounds around the inside & outside of the library (part of a fairy's job), I thought I would note a few things that library patrons might not be aware of!

The Library Pollinator Garden

Photo of flowers in the pollinator garden
Rudbeckia, zinnias, & parsley in the pollinator garden.

Located on the east side of the library, just south of the library maintenance shed, you will find the pollinator garden! Pollinator gardens are created to provide food, water, & shelter for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths & other pollinators. The library's pollinator garden is cared for by the Illinois Extension DeWitt County Master Gardeners! The garden is filled with annual & perennial plants including milkweed, a host plant for monarch butterflies, & parsley, a host plant for swallowtail butterflies along with may other plants including zinnias, alyssum, mexican sunflowers, & rudbeckia.

Photo of young praying mantis on a milkweed leaf
Young praying mantis on a milkweed leaf

Step over & take a peek. Look closely, you never know what you will find living among the flowers!

The Garden Table

Photo of the library garden table & guidelines
The Library Garden Table & Guidelines

Do you have extra garden produce you would like to share with others in the community? Looking for a few tomatoes, peppers, or zucchini but your garden is not producing yet? Check out the garden table located on the main floor of the library near the circulation desk! The garden table is for EVERYONE! All items on the garden table are free, but please only take what you will use. All produce left for the enjoyment of others should be fresh & whole as no refrigeration of items is available. Echo, Weatherby, & I have been known to use tomatoes & hot peppers! Weatherby LOVES the hot peppers... crazy fairy!

The Master Gardener Help Desk

Master Gardener Help Desk Promotional Flyer
Master Gardener Help Desk

HELP!!! What is eating my... you fill in the blank! Have a garden problem that you are not sure how to solve? Drop in during the Master Gardener Help Desk hours for some advice! The DeWitt County Master Gardeners will be here in person to answer any of your garden questions!

The Master Gardeners will be here:

Saturday, July 30 from 10AM - Noon

Thursday, August 11 from 3-5PM

Got a problem? The Master Gardeners will help you solve it!

The Seed Library

Photo of the seed library
The Seed Library

Ready to start planning that fall garden? Library card holders are invited to "check-out" free seeds, plant them, & then harvest the new seeds to return to the library at the end of the season! The seed library contains herb, flower, & vegetable seeds and is available all year.

Photo of a variety of seed packets

The fairies were happy to plant marigold & sunflower seeds to help Lucas, the library maintenance supervisor add pretty flowers on the library grounds this spring!

The library is buzzing & so are the gardens in the community!

Looking for more information? Check out the Garden & Landscaping section in the Non-Fiction area on the library's main floor! Here you will find sections on landscaping, gardening in Illinois, house plants, garden designs, vegetable gardening, propagation, pruning, herbs and so much more!

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Morgan signing off! Have a great day & keep growing!

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