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Come Meet Luna!

Photo of Melissa reading a book to the bearded dragon with Goose the dog looking on
Mel reading to Luna with a photobomb by Mr. Goose!

Meet Luna! After a month of voting, the library's bearded dragon finally has a name! Learn all about Luna and how she came to Vespasian Warner Library in this one on one interview with Morgan, the Library Fairy!

Luna is located at the desk on the Children's Floor! Drop in and say hello!


Morgan gets a chance to ask Luna all the questions!

Morgan the Library Fairy here! As a lot of you know, last month the library welcomed a brand new friend! The fairies were all a little concerned when we kept overhearing the library staff talk about the "new dragon" that was coming. But as soon as we met Luna, we were in love! She is really the sweetest. We know that you will love her too!

I thought I would take a minute to ask Luna some common questions so that we could share her answers with our library friends.

Photo of Luna in her enclosure
Luna in her enclosure on the Children's Floor

Morgan: Hello Luna! Welcome to the library! Would you be willing to answer some questions?

Luna: Thank you! Everyone here at the library has been so welcoming. Of course I am happy to answer your questions!

M: What brought you to the library? And why pick a library to live in?

L: I am from a rescue called Copper's Friend's!  They are located in Decatur and rescue and adopt out all kinds of reptiles! I was looking for a place with lots of friendly faces, I love kids!  I also love to hear stories read aloud!  Please stop by my enclosure and say "Hello!" on your next visit!

M: We are so excited to have you here. Are you settling in ok?

L: I LOVE it here!  All the friendly faces and things to see!  Oh my!

Photo of Luna eating a piece of lettuce and butternut squash
Luna eating a meal of lettuce and butternut squash

M: We have noticed some interesting things in your food bowl. What do you like to eat?

L: I am an omnivore so I eat vegetables and insects.  Strawberries, Butternut Squash and Superworms are some of my favorite foods!

M: Not gonna lie, you lost me at Superworms! We noticed that you have several lights for your enclosure, can you explain why?

L: Sure, I have lights to keep me comfortable and happy.  I am originally from Australia, where it is usually quite warm!  I need a warm basking spot around 100 degrees to keep me happy and a UVB bulb to help me digest my food since I'm not outside much.  

Photo of Luna with a mouthful of lettuce
Lettuce... YUM!

M: 100 degrees! Toasty! What is your favorite thing about the library so far?

L: Yep! I like it hot! My favorite activity is seeing the children and listening to books read aloud to me! I am always ready to hear your favorite book!

M: Everyone was super excited to vote for your name! The final vote was super close. Hopefully you are happy with your new name.

L: I have never had a name before so I was nervous to get my new name, but Luna fits me perfectly!

M: We are so glad you now have a name that you love! We have noticed that some days you are having a "Spa Day", can you explain that? Also, how do I get in on that?

L: Spa days are helpful when I get too stressed or too cold out on the Children's Floor.  I bask away in my private enclosure in the back office.  I sometimes take long soaks and get extra quiet time to relax.

M: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! You have been a joy to get to know & we all look forward to a long friendship!

L: Thanks Morgan! I am just so excited to be here! Everyone has been so wonderful!

If you haven't met Luna yet, drop in and head to the Children's Floor!

She just received a new enclosure and would love to show it off!

Check back next week for a look at what else is

happening on the Children's Floor!

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