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Home-Bound Delivery

Home-Bound Delivery Service offers delivery and retrieval of library materials to and from patrons who cannot drive due to a medical condition.  This service is provided free-of-charge.


How does Home-Bound Delivery work?

A library staff member will come to your home and help you fill out a registration form. On the form you will tell us what sort of items you wish to borrow from the library. Every two weeks, a staff member will bring you a new selection of items, based on your preferences, and take the items you are finished with back to the library. This is a completely free service.


Who qualifies for Home-Bound Delivery?

  • Live within the Vespasian Warner Public Library District

    • The Vespasian Warner Public Library District covers the Clinton Community School district with the exception of Tunbridge Township. If you live in Tunbridge Township, you may purchase a non-resident card.

  • Be unable to drive due to a medical condition

  • Patrons recovering from surgery or other medical conditions may sign up for homebound delivery on a temporary basis.

  • Have a library account in good standing (if you do not yet have a library card, we will be happy to create an account for you)

  • Deliveries are limited to library materials only. Outreach patrons are entitled to check out any format of materials from the library, including interlibrary loan materials.

  • Patrons must agree to have the library maintain a reading history of all items the patron has borrowed in order to better facilitate service.

  • Patrons must provide a safe and appropriate environment for volunteers or staff members who make deliveries to their homes.  Patrons must protect all library materials while in their custody.  Volunteers or staff members may choose not to enter a home, to leave a home immediately and/or to recommend suspension of the service if any of the following conditions exist:

    • Pets are not confined (with the exception of service animals trained to assist a disabled person).

    • Any person in the home is dressed in revealing attire.

    • Any person in the home presents threatening behavior.

    • Any person in the home uses abusive or obscene language, makes obscene gestures or displays obscene images.

    • Any person in the home harasses the library’s representative.

    • Any person is engaging in any illegal activity in the home at the time of the library’s delivery and if conditions in the home are unsafe or unsanitary.

  • Patrons are responsible for maintaining library materials in good condition.  Materials that are lost or returned in severely damaged and unusable condition will be billed to the patron.  Use of library card privileges will be suspended until payment is received. 

  • Library staff will contact outreach patrons ahead of time so patrons know when to expect delivery. If a patron does not answer the door or is not home to receive materials, library staff will contact the patron and attempt to deliver the materials again. If the patron does not answer the door or is not home to receive the materials after a second attempt, the patron’s delivery will be suspended, and the patron must contact the library to reinstate delivery.



What Library materials are available for Home-Bound Delivery?

  • Books (including large print)

  • Magazines

  • Movies and TV shows (DVD and Blu-ray)

  • Music (Compact disc)

  • Puzzles

  • Audio Books (Compact disc and MP3)

What if the Library does not have an item I have requested?

We will be happy to borrow the item from another library for you.

How do I sign up for Home-Bound Delivery? 

Fill out the box below for more information or to sign up for this service. You can also call 217-935-5174.

Success! Message received.

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