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Scary Story Contest Winner #1!

Photo of Oliver and his new book in front of the library garden with ghosts & pumpkins in the background
Congratulations Oliver!

We are so excited to announce our first Scary Story Contest Winner! In early October, Oliver entered his story "Eyeballs in Ohio" in the library's Scary Story Contest which was open to youth ages 8-12 yrs old. As one of our contest winners, Oliver was awarded the new Goosebumps book "House of Shivers" for his home library and also had his story read at the Spooky Stories by the Campfire program! If you missed the program, you can still check out Oliver's Scary Story below...

...if you dare!


Eyeballs in Ohio

By Oliver L.

I was walking down the streets of Ohio when I noticed a weird house. It had crazy bushes in front, with eyeballs on them. They looked very real. So I walked up to the porch to look at them more closely. I touched one- it was a real eyeball! I knocked on the door, but no one answered. I knocked again, and the Fortnite Kid appeared. He said, “Grandpa Morty, there’s someone at the door!” I heard another voice respond from inside the house. It was Grandpa Morty yelling, “Uncle Rick, come here!” Uncle Rick appeared in the doorway with Fortnite Kid. Uncle Rick invited me inside. I started to ask about the eyeballs on the bush, but Uncle Rick interrupted me, asking me if I wanted to see a secret room. Well, how could I say no to that? We entered a room in the back of the house, but then he trapped me in a cage. Grandpa Morty came into the room and said, “...Now I’m going to use your eyes for more of my decorations.”


Join us next week for our second Scary Story Contest Winner!

You will not be disappointed!

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