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Scary Story Contest Winner #2

Photo of Annabell standing in front of the library clock holding her story and her new Goosebumps book.
Congratulations Annabell!

As promised, here is our second Scary Story Contest Winner! In early October, Annabell entered her story "The Day the Creatures Came" in the library's Scary Story Contest which was open to youth ages 8-12 yrs old. As one of our contest winners, Annabell was awarded the new Goosebumps book "House of Shivers" for her home library and also got to read her story at the Spooky Stories by the Campfire program! If you missed the program, you can still check out Annabell's Scary Story below... give it a read...

...if you dare!

Please note, all Scary Story Contest entries are published as they were submitted to the library. Enjoy!


The Day the Creatures Came

By Annabell H.

Folklore creatures, also known as mythical creatures, might seem cute and sweet but, they all have a dark background.

Mermaids are every little kids favorite sea creature, but what they don't know is they're evil. Their evil form is a siren. A siren has a beautiful voice, and with it they lure sailors to their deaths.

Not only are there sea creatures but we have many land creatures watching us every day! While the term fairy goes back to the middle ages in Europe, all of these various forms appearing both written and oral stories. Little children think fairies are little people with wings that grant wishes but, they are not!! Fairies are really fallen angles that got evil gifts from the devil. Fairies would steal children and drink human blood.

It was Halloween night. Three friends went out trick-or-treating, Ashlee, Remmy, and Annabell. Their parents always told them to stay away from the woods and lighthouse, they never knew why. Whenever they would ask why, their parents would just change the subject. One day Ashlee had an idea! She said "why don't we go check it out!" Annabell agreed but, Remmy wasn't so sure. After awhile they got Remmy to come.

As they were walking through the woods they heard giggling. They went to investigate the sound. When they came around a long line of trees they found what they thought were childern. They looked cute. Until they saw that their teeth were as sharp as knives! Their skin as boney as a skeleton. That's when they knew they stumbled across a family of fairies!

The three friends were terrified! They tried to run away but, they kept falling over each other. Anabell was the slowest one and a fairy bit her arm. It was bleeding so much she thought she was going to faint! Thankfully she made inside the lighthouse.

In the lighthouse after Remmy and Ashlee bandaged Annabell up, they explored. When they started to climb the stairs, Remmy noticed something dripping. He told the girls to look for a light switch. After a miute Ashlee found one. What they saw was spint chilling! Teeth chattering! It was a ...a... DEAD SAILOR! They ran out of the lighthouse toward the ocean.

As they were running toward the ocean they heard singing. Annabell had a feeling about what was singing so she plugged her ears and told her friends to do the same. It was too late for Remmy, he was already in the water.

It was then he got his leg bitten off. The girls swam as fast as they could to him. Luckily he didn't bleed out before they made it to the hospital.

They ran through the woods, dodged the fairies and made it out alive. They made it to the hospital where they called their parents. They got grounded for the rest of the year.

They lived happily ever after.

Or do they?



Another congratulations to Oliver & Annabell

for their wonderful scary stories!

Coming next week - staff recommendations!

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