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Romance, Time Travel, & an Escape from Reality!

Photo of multiple clock faces all set to different times

The love and historical fiction continues in the audio/visual section! Oh, and maybe a little escape into the realm of fantasy! As DVDs & Blu-rays are checked out from the displays new ones will be added so drop in and check it out!


Feel the love! Check out these romance movies!

Top Row: Say Anything (Movie), The Princess Bride (Movie), Casablanca (Movie)

Bottom Row: The Apartment (Movie), Moonlight (Movie), Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Movie)

Where am I? Travel back in time with this display of historical flicks!

Top Row: The Talented Mr. Ripley (Movie), American Hustle (Movie), First Man (Movie)

Bottom Row: Mary Queen of Scots (Movie), Midway (Movie), Unbroken (Movie)

Let's escape from reality with some TV fantasy!

Get lost in a new series!

Top Row: Xena: Season 1 (TV Series), Game of Thrones: Season 1 (TV Series), Pushing Daisies: Season 1 (TV Series)

Bottom Row: Beauty & the Beast: Season 1 (TV Series), Lost: Season 1 (TV Series), Merlin: Season 1 (TV Series)

Check back next week for an update from the Library Fairies!

We have heard rumors about an upcoming baby shower!

I wonder what they are up to now!

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