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Meet the Library Fairies!

Morgan's Door

Libraries are enchanting places! Former Maintenance Supervisor David Ward noticed the first fairy doors had suddenly appeared on the Children's Floor & the Main Floor on January 4, 2018! Another little door sprang up in the Periodicals Room shortly after! The Library staff are questioned about the doors periodically so we asked the fairies if they would like to write their own blog! Their response follows...


Hello! We are so excited to be guest bloggers! Morgan here! There are 3 fairies that live in the Vespasian Warner Library! We have all been communicating through notes with the front desk staff for awhile now & Weatherby has a growing friendship with the Children's Floor staff. When they suggested that we write a guest blog, we were overjoyed! Well, maybe not Echo, but she is warming up to the idea! The Library staff left us a list of common questions & we will try to answer them the best we can!

Weatherby's Door

Which Fairy Moved In First?

Weatherby was the first fairy to move into the brown door with green trim on the Children's Floor! He kept to himself & really didn't announce his presence. Shortly after that, I (Morgan) became aware of a new door & wonderful garden available on the Main floor & happily moved in! I was a tad more vocal about my arrival by designing a garden in the potted plant located by my new home! Echo became the third & final Library fairy (so far!) when she discovered the purple door in the Periodicals Room. She is still a little shy & stays to herself, most days!

What do you eat?

Getting out of the Library is kinda tricky for a fairy! Since we can only move around & come out when no one is here, Lucas, the Library's Maintenance Supervisor, is kind enough to leave a window cracked at night once a week for us! We can then venture out and do some foraging! We collect fresh fruit, veggies, and more from the community! Keep in mind it doesn't take much! A strawberry will feed all three of us for days!

Do your wings ever get tired?

YES! That is one reason why we are such good friends with Dozer the Dragon! Whenever we get tired but still have work to do Dozer is always willing to give us a ride! You can find Dozer sleeping at the Circulation Desk during the day! Beware... he listens to all the front desk conversations!

Do the fairies do anything to help the Library?

YES! With Dozer's help we take care of cobwebs & dust in high places! We water & check on the plants that are throughout the Library! We care for any sick or hurt insects & release them outside when they are well! We take care of our fairy homes that are inside the walls of the Library! And most importantly we take care of Dozer the Dragon & Snickers the Gargoyle!

Echo's Door

What kind of books do you like?

All three of us are huge readers! Why else would we choose the Library to live in! Ha!

  • I, Morgan, love books about gardening, art, & a good mystery read!

  • Echo loves to read gardening books, books on how to take care of her pet rabbit, & books about movies!

  • Weatherby loves to read non fiction on the children's floor!

Do you ever come out & talk to patrons?

Unfortunately, fairy laws do not permit it. However, the Circulation Staff has given us a mailbox! You can find the mailbox by my door on the Main Floor! We LOVE to get mail! You are welcome to leave mail in our mailbox or send it by regular post to:

Vespasian Warner Library

Attn: Library Fairies

310 N. Quincy St

Clinton, Il 61727

Make sure to sign your note so we can write back! We respond to ALL mail & leave outgoing mail in our mailbox here at the Library! Here are just a few of the wonderful notes & drawings that we have received! It just makes our hearts happy... even Echo!

The Vespasian Warner Library staff would like to thank Morgan, Weatherby, & Echo

for choosing our Library for their home!

The Vespasian Warner Library is so lucky

to have such enchanting residents!

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