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Make It A Movie Night

Display sign that reads "IT Came From the Bottom Shelf"

Not sure what to pick? Grab something from the bottom shelf display. Explore the works of director William Friedkin or ride the rails with picks from the Transportation section.

As DVDs & Blu-rays are checked out from the displays new ones will be added so drop in and check it out! Or order online by simply clicking on the item that you would like to request! Once you receive notification that your item is in, drop by and pick up your item!


It Came From the Bottom Shelf.

Bottom shelf, great movies!

Are you not entertained?

Check out this selection of movies covering different genres,

movie making, television, and radio.

Remembering the life and career of William Friedkin.

Ride the rails as you explore the transportation non-fiction section.

Raining? Too hot outside?

Don't forget there is always a community puzzle waiting to be completed on the puzzle table in the Audio/Visual room.

Don't want to stop there? We have a large selection of puzzles available to check out, just ask a staff member!

Morgan the fairy will be on vacation next week so we will explore the Young Adult section on the Main Floor a bit next week!

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