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Let's Celebrate TV dads!

Photo of an old fashioned TV surrounded by other old fashioned items

Take a trip into the audio/visual room! With Father's Day right around the corner, it is time to celebrate TV dads. While you are there, check out the LGBTQ+ display. Want to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about your favorite celebrity? Grab a DVD from the Biography display.

As DVDs & Blu-rays are checked out from the displays new ones will be added so drop in and check it out! Or order online by simply clicking on the item that you would like to request! Once you receive notification that your item is in, drop by and pick up your item!


Wish your dad was like the ones on TV?

Choose wisely!

LGBTQ+ selections are here!

Want something romantic, funny, or serious?

Everyone has a story.

The Biography section will help you learn more about

the people that interest you the most.

We will be checking in with Morgan and the Library Fairies next week! Tiny Summer Reading paths and a few prizes have been spied in the fairy garden on the main floor! Echo finished first last year! I wonder if Morgan is going to up her reading game?

Check back next week for a full update!

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