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Holly Jolly vs. Bah Humbug

Ariel photograph of a snowy road winding through snow covered pine trees

As the year comes to a close, this month's displays will put you in the holiday mood. Or give you an alternative to all of the holly jolly. Look sharp for the little spots of bah humbug hiding in that mess of tinsel.

Check out the following samples of the displays on the main floor! Stop in and grab a great read from a display or click the book cover to order the item you are interested in and we will hold it for you! As books are checked out from the display new ones will be added! Drop in and check it out!


Though there will be all of the books you need to get you through the Christmas season on display, it's not the only winter holiday.

Check out the winter holiday fiction display

to really indulge in the festivities.

If you're looking for something to broaden your religious horizons, our Weinberg Collection display is sure to satisfy your needs.

This special collection donated by Dr. Harold Weinberg covers a variety of religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam,

Paganism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Check out selections from our non-fiction subject of the month

Antiques and Collectibles.

Check back next week for a sneak peak of

all the displays on the Children's Floor!

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