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Destruction, Mayhem, & Chaos!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Blurry photo of a puppy with a ball in his mouth
Who is this on my camera?

Why is there crime scene tape around Morgan's Fairy Door?!?!

What happened?!?!

Who is the main suspect?!?!

Who is to blame?!?!


Well, yesterday was eventful! Around 7:30AM on Tuesday, August 30th my fairy door was vandalized! I heard a TON of commotion & what could only be described as "very heavy breathing"! Unsure of what I would find, I slowly opened my door & took a peek around! To my surprise, my door was surrounded by destruction, mayhem, & chaos like I have never seen here at the library! By 11:30AM, I had the whole scene surrounded with crime scene tape, all of the evidence marked, & had checked my camera! Here is what I found!

1. My beautiful firepit had been completely destroyed! Sticks were spread out everywhere & had what appeared to be teeth marks like someone or something had chewed on them! Who would do such a thing?

At this point I have no idea!

2. The second clue I had was that whatever created all of this destruction must have been BIG! In their effort to destroy my firepit, they knocked over my potted plant located by my front door. Flowers were uprooted & spilled everywhere. Thankfully the pot itself was fine & could be used again another day!

At this point, I am beginning to I have my suspicions!

3. Also, in their attempt to destroy the firepit, my beautiful birdbath was knocked around! Thankfully it was not damaged! But this provided further evidence that whatever did this was BIG!

4. The only other thing that appeared to have been chewed on was my poor pine tree. It had been moved about a foot from it's original location. I thought maybe something like a tail, paw, or arm had moved it during the destruction of the firepit... until I saw the teeth marks! My lovely tree had been moved by a mouth! On purpose!

Now I am almost convinced I know who was at my door...

5. Things became crystal clear when I found the light brown/tan fur that was left behind. This meant that all of the destruction was not done by my human friends! I now have a VERY GOOD IDEA who might have done such a thing!

So with all of this evidence, I decided to check my camera & see if it caught anything! Sure enough... big & fluffy... with light brown/tan fur... and nothing but mischief in his eyes!

I made some "Wanted" posters & stuck them up around the library in hopes that his owner would see them & we could talk things out!

Want to know what happened next? Check in next week for a full update! I will be talking to staff members to share their theories as to what happened. So many of them feel he is innocent! I will also speak to Goose's human parents. I have booked an exclusive interview with Goose himself to get his side of the story & to learn so much more about him!

Who are his human parents? Why was Goose at the library... IN THE LIBRARY? How did he get in when the library isn't even open at 7:30AM? Will Goose & I become friends? I have SOOOOO many questions!

Until next time my library friends,

Morgan, The Main Floor Fairy

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