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All Things Tiny & Pink!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Photo of a "Little Baby Girl" pink balloons and "It's a Girl" banner

A new addition is expected to arrive in March! Corey & Corinne are anticipating the arrival of a beautiful baby girl this month! Corey is the Youth Services Manager on the Children's Floor here at the library!


Hello library friends! I received a letter recently from sweet Gwen and she was wondering when I, Morgan the fairy, would be having a baby! While I have no plans on a baby in the near future, our library family will be welcoming a new member very soon!

Corey, the Youth Services Manager on the Children's floor, and his wife, Corinne, are expecting a beautiful baby girl later this month!

Once Echo, W.B., and I heard the news we started planning immediately! We have decorated the fairy garden on the main floor to host a Fairy Baby Shower! With the addition of a "It's a Girl!" banner & some streamers things started to come together!

Even our Gnome friends, George & Lily wanted to join in with the decorating fun and brought a tiny gift!

Mr. Frog found some wonderful B A B Y blocks that were the perfect color and added them to the garden! He even found a way to stack them! He just hopped those things right into a nice little tower!

Mr. Frog also brought a tiny little gift for the soon to be new parents!

Echo, W.B., and I added a cute little centerpiece to the garden table complete with confetti, rocking horses, and cute little baby bottles!

Just like the rest of the staff, we are over the moon to welcome this new little bundle of joy into our library family!

We have sent out invitations to all of our fairy friends so don't be surprised if you see more tiny little gifts each time you come!

Congratulations Corey & Corinne!

We cannot wait to meet your sweet little addition!

Until next month library friends,

Morgan, The Main Floor Fairy!

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