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12 Days of Crafts Event is Coming!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Photo of Dozer the Dragon wrapped up in a warm scarf ion the window ledge
Dozer the Dragon protesting the cold weather!

The pumpkins are being put to rest, snow is falling, temperatures are dropping, and the library is gearing up for the Clinton Annual Christmas Parade and the 12 Days of Crafts Event!

And Dozer the Dragon is protesting!


This week has brought the first measurable snowfall to the library grounds! After so many warm fall flights with Dozer the Dragon in the evening, being trapped inside is always hard to take at the beginning of winter. Being a reptile, Dozer the Dragon just cannot handle the cold and snow! That means that all outdoor adventures for Echo, Weatherby, and I are on hold until the warmer spring weather hits! So we have been busy around the library!

On this weeks adventures through the library, we noticed that the pumpkins & fall decorations were slowly being replaced by some winter ones! And then we noticed some flyers about the Clinton Annual Christmas Parade and the 12 Days of Christmas Event! After doing a little investigating, we found some pretty fantastic samples of some of the library's upcoming events!

On Saturday, November 26th, some of the library staff will attend the Clinton Annual Christmas Parade. After the parade, stop by the library's table on the square to create a fun Christmas ornament to take home! All supplies will be provided & everyone is welcome! While fairies cannot attend the parade, we look forward to watching it from the warm children's floor skylight! If you are standing by the beautiful clock on the square, turn around & give us a wave!!

Once the Clinton Annual Christmas Parade has put you in the holiday mood, drop in the library starting on Monday, November 28th, to participate in the 12 Days of Crafts Event! Echo, Weatherby, and I are SO EXCITED! For the next 12 days you can drop in the library to create a free holiday craft!! With a "Sweet Treats" theme you will find everything yummy from Oatmeal Treat Elves to Gingerbread Photo Frames to Warm Hugs and Mugs Greenery Decorations! And maybe a few crafts that you can eat!

This sounds AMAZING and we cannot wait to join in on all the fun! Check out our tree on the main floor for our decorations! Man, I hope Dozer the Dragon and Snickers the Gargoyle can help us carry our finished products to our tree!! Check out the full list of dates and crafts!

Monday, 11/28 - Oatmeal Treat Elf

Tuesday, 11/29 - Cupcake Ornament

Wednesday, 11/30 - Beaded Candy Cane

Thursday, 12/1 - Craft Stick Gingerbread

Friday, 12/2 - Chocolate Brownie Reindeer

Saturday, 12/3 - Gingerbread Photo Frame (Grab 'n Go)

Monday, 12/5 - 3D Cocoa Mug Ornament

Tuesday, 12/6 - Vintage Felt Ribbon Candy

Wednesday, 12/7 - Winter Donut Snowman

Thursday, 12/8 - Sweet Heart Grinch Ornament

Friday, 12/9 - Silly Candy Cane Craft

Saturday, 12/10 - Warm Hugs and Mugs - Greenery Decoration (10AM-12PM)

Enjoy the weather (the best you can) and don't forget to grab a few good books, a warm drink, a blanket, and maybe a movie or two to make your days and evenings cozy and warm!

Until next time my library friends,

Morgan, The Main Floor Fairy

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