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What's Happening on the Children's Floor?

Photo of Corey with the Summer Reading selfie frame

Grab a family friendly movie for those HOT summer days! Maybe read up on your favorite superhero! Or Find Your Voice with a book about art, music, or trying something new! And of course do not forget to sign up for SUMMER READING!

There are so many wonderful displays on the Children's Floor to help you join in the fun! As books and DVDs are checked out from the displays, new ones will be added so drop in and check it out or order online by simply clicking on the book/DVD cover!

Sign up for Summer Reading to get your very own marker on the tracking board, take your picture at the Summer Reading selfie station, and solve the panda scavenger hunt riddle!


Summer Reading!

Summer Reading is in full swing! Treasure box prizes are flying out the door already! The board is filling up with Warbling Bluebirds & Howling Hounds but there is still room for YOU!

Don't forget to use the selfie frame to capture a terrific photo!

Remember, adults & teens can also sign up at the circulation desk!

Learn all the details on our Summer Reading Page!

Photo of the bulletin board with personal Summer Reading trackers
Warbling Bluebirds & Howling Hounds are taking over!

This summer, we're all about self-discovery!

These books are a great way to help you get started finding your voice through art, music, and trying something new!

Find the Pandas!

Look for the panda bears hiding around the Children's Floor and fill in the letters to answer the riddle! Bring your completed paper to the children's desk for a prize! Can you find all 20?

Summer is Here!

Come check out a family friendly DVD on the Children's Floor

for a fun family movie night! Don't forget the popcorn!

Need a new book?

We have so many to choose from in our New Jr. High Fiction section!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a superhero book!

Come check out our new heroic display of books!

Check back next week for some featured movies & TV series on the Main Floor for the month of May!

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