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Time to Cross the Finish Line!

As Summer Reading begins to come to a close, it is time to finish STRONG!!

Man excited to cross the finish line

Didn't get signed up? There is still time!! Signups are still going on and prizes are still being handed out! Come in and see a staff member to get signed up while you are checking out the wonderful displays and activities on the Children's Floor!

As books and DVDs are checked out from the displays, new ones will be added so drop in and check it out or order online by simply clicking on the book/DVD cover!

Sign up for Summer Reading to get your very own marker on the tracking board, take your picture at the Summer Reading selfie station, and solve the unicorn scavenger hunt riddle!


Summer Reading!

It is time to finish the Summer Reading race STRONG!

Treasure box prizes are flying out the door and several readers have completed their reading paths! We have over 700 people signed up for Summer Reading, but there is still room for YOU!

Remember, adults & teens can also sign up at the circulation desk!

Learn all the details on our Summer Reading Page!

Photo of the bulletin board with personal Summer Reading trackers
Warbling Bluebirds & Howling Hounds are taking over!

This summer, we're all about self-discovery!

These books & DVDs are a great way to help you get started finding your voice through art, music, and trying something new!

Unicorns have taken over the Children's Floor!

Look for the unicorns hiding around and fill in the letters to answer the riddle! Bring your completed paper to the children's desk for a prize! Can you find all 37?

Did you know July 7th is World Chocolate Day?

We have several chocolate-loving books ready to help you celebrate!

July 20th is National Moon Day!

Celebrate man's first steps on the moon with some great

Non-Fiction books!

Things at the library are constantly improving!

The newest change on the Children's Floor is a new seating area! Part of the seating was purchased with a grant from the

Illinois Prairie Community Foundation and

Youth Engaged in Philanthropy.

The Morris family also donated cute seating for this area!

We just wanted to say an extra "Thank You"

for supporting our library and our community!

Check back next week for some featured movies & TV series on the Main Floor for the month of July!

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