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Space Invaders!

Photo of a little green alien sitting in a silver space ship on a wooden table

It's an alien invasion on the Children's Floor! Aliens, Star Wars, the Webb Telescope, Frogs, and National Teacher's Day are all being celebrated this month!

There are so many out of this world displays on the Children's Floor! As books are checked out from the display new ones will be added so drop in and check it out or order online by simply clicking on the book cover!

Don't forget to get in on all the outer space fun by adding your own alien to the bulletin board, "feeling" the galaxy with the Webb Space Telescope Tactile Image, and participating in the Star Wars Scavenger Hunt! May the Force be with you!


MAY-Liens in Outer Space!

Kooky aliens from all over the universe are coming to join us for

the month. They think it is all about them! Draw your own and add it to

our out of this world MAY-lien party throughout the month of May!

Photo of the bulletin board with several hand drawn aliens on a bulletin board filled with planets and stars

May the 4th be with you! We're celebrating Star Wars Day by highlighting our great selection of books & DVDs!

Feel like the Force is on your side, try your hand at the

Star Wars Scavenger Hunt! Look for the BB-8 droids throughout

the Children's Floor to solve the riddle and claim a prize!

Did you know May 2nd is National Teacher's Day?

We love an excuse to celebrate our teachers!

Come by and check these books out!

While on the Children's Floor,

check out the super cool tactile image of 4 galaxies!

"Feel" your way through the universe and grab a

free sticker and bookmark to take home!

To learn more about the Webb Telescope, check out this website!

Ribbit, Ribbit. What's that sound coming from the Children's Floor?! Come by and check out our selection of frog books.

Find a new intergalactic read on this display featuring books

all about outer space! Blast off into these great titles on

great adventures and into alien territory when you

learn something new!

Check back next week for some featured movies & TV series for the month of May!

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