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Meet Kanopy!

Kanopy Logo

Kanopy is our new on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries that offers films, TV shows, educational videos and documentaries. The blog today will highlight some of the wonderful things that Kanopy has to offer our Vespasian Warner Library patrons.


What is Kanopy?

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries that offers films, TV shows, educational videos and documentaries.  The service is free for Vespasian Warner Public Library District patrons. 

Explore a world of cinema with Kanopy graphic with different movie covers in the background

 How Does It Work?

Download the Kanopy app on your Smartphone, Tablet, Roku, Smart TV, and/or Fire Stick. Printable instructions are available here! Use the browse or search feature to look at the videos you are interested in. Each month you receive 20 tickets to “spend” to check out and watch any of the content on the Kanopy website.  The tickets reset to 20 on the first of the month. When you select a video, you will be able see how many tickets it will cost and how long you have to watch your selected video. You can even add items to your Watchlist to check out later! Out of tickets? No Problem! Kanopy has a selection of videos you can stream without tickets.

 What is Kanopy Kids?

Kanopy Kids can stream shows and read-a-louds without using tickets!  All videos on Kanopy kids are rated for kids aged 3-8.  Parents and guardians can set up parental controls to limit to just Kanopy Kids. Check it out!


Kanopy kids promotional banner with several cartoon characters

Monthly Themes? Tell Me More!

Each month Kanopy will feature monthly movie collections. 

Check out the collections for March!

Women's History Month Promotional Graphic

Women’s History Month

From trailblazing pioneers to unsung heroes, let’s honor the strength, resilience and achievements of women throughout history with Kanopy’s collection of Women’s History Month Films:


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Promotional Graphic

St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a collection of films from Ireland.


A Western March Promotional Graphic

A Western March

Transport yourself to the untamed American frontier with Western movies! Dive into a world of cowboys, outlaws and epic showdowns with these timeless classics on Kanopy.Access the collection here:


What Would You Recommend?

The Vespasian Warner Library staff members have spent some time playing around in Kanopy for a couple of weeks now! We know new apps can be overwhelming with all of the choices so here are a few staff recommendations to get you started!

Aric, Circulation Supervisor

  • Check out The Great Courses section! This section features "classes" on interesting topics from Understanding Japan: A Cultural History to Warriors, Queens, and Intellectuals: 36 Great Women before 1400.

  • Interested in the BBC TV series? On Kanopy you can find several TV series that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • True stories are always interesting and Kanopy has a wide selection.

Christin, Circulation Clerk

  • Check out the horror movie collections! You cannot go wrong with Dolls, The House on Haunted Hill (1959), Night of the Living Dead (1968), Carnival of Souls, Piranha, Frogs, Motel Hell, Cube, and Black Christmas.

Kyle, Business Manager

  • No Country For Old Men - Masterclass in storytelling and suspense and one of the all-time great book to film adaptations.

  • Chinatown - Classic noir filled with twists and turns and one of Jack Nicholson's best characters.

  • Moonage Daydream - Incredible hybrid documentary and concert film featuring unseen clips of the late great David Bowie

  • The Parallax View - Paranoia filled political thriller that is just as relevant today as it was upon its early 70's release.

  • Spencer - An interesting take on the Royal Family and Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart shines as Diana.

  • Columbus - Slow, meditative cinema on the beauty of life and growing up, filled with incredible architecture and art.

  • Loving Vincent - The story of Vincent Van Gogh told through an animated story after his death. Every film was painted, making for a wholly unique experience.

  • Days of Heaven - Tale on the turn of the century America, following a fleeing steel worker out to the farms in the Texas Panhandle and the life that brings with him. 

Rachel, Circulation Clerk

  • Children's Books Brought To Life - The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, Giraffes Can't Dance

  • Great Courses - Exploring the Mayan World, The Science of Gardening

  • New Releases & Documentaries - Creepypasta, A Life on the Farm

This All Sounds Great, But I Need Help!

The Vespasian Warner Library is excited to offer this wonderful free streaming service to our patrons! If you have any questions, please stop in, give us a call at 217-935-5174, or email and we will be happy to help you get started on your Kanopy journey!

Until Next Time! Happy Viewing!


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