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It's March & Spring is Coming!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Photo of a white vase filled with yellow daffodils on a white table

March brings National Nutrition Month, Women's History Month, Write Your Own Story Day, & Trans Day of Visibility!

Check out the following samples of the displays on the main floor! Stop in and grab a great read from a display or click the links to order the item you are interested in and we will hold it for you! As books are checked out from the display new ones will be added! Drop in and check it out!


Spring is coming, things are getting green and growing!

Maybe because it's National Nutrition Month. Just like the plants need good nutrients, so do you. So check out one of our healthy cookbooks or a book on diet and nutrition.

It's also Women's History Month, so be sure to peruse our

selection of books on that topic as well!

March 14th is Write Your Story Day.

Everyone has a story and we have the books to help you write yours!

March 31st celebrates a different story... Trans Day of Visibility. Educate yourself on the unique journeys, struggles, and

stories of those in the Trans community.

Finally, our non-fiction subject of the month is Transportation.

Check back next week for a sneak peak of the

Children's Floor displays!

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