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Ghosts, witches and vampires! Oh my!

Photo of 3 ghosts standing in a forest holding a pumpkin

Spooky season is here! Having a hard time getting in the spirit? We've got you covered! Check out all of the spooky reads and activities upstairs on the Children's Floor!

As books and DVDs are checked out from the displays, new ones will be added so drop in and check it out or order online by simply clicking on the book/DVD cover!

Don't forget to add your spooky skeleton to the bulletin board and solve the Skele -Tons of Fun scavenger hunt riddle!


Skeletons in the Graveyard!

All Ages are welcome to draw a skeleton for the Children’s bulletin board!

Come fill our graveyard with the scariest and silliest skeletons you can imagine!

Photo of the Skeletons in the Graveyard bulletin board on the Children's Floor

We're ready for all things spooky on the children's floor!

Ghosts, witches and vampires! Oh my!

Stop by to pick up a monster book, or anything that scares you!

Can you solve the riddle?

Why didn't the skeleton go to the Halloween party?

Find all of the skeletons, solve the riddle, and win a prize!

Spooky season is here! Interested in haunted places?

The display by the elevator is for you!

Many creatures creep through the night.

Werewolves. Vampires. Wendigos.

You can find your favorite monsters in our Monsters Display!

Need a break from the spooky?

Check out all of the fun easy readers located by the stairs!

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it...

build a catapult capable of shooting candy corn into our pumpkin!

Photo of this months STEM Challenge with candy corn, popsicle sticks, and a pumpkin
Take the Challenge!

Check back next week for thrills, chills, and scares featured on DVD & Blu-ray in the Audio/Visual Room!

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