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Don't Panic! We Are Here To Help!

A new year equals new beginnings & New Year's Resolutions! Don't panic! The Library contains a ton of resources to help you with those new goals! Check out this children's book & 4 more resources all relating to the top 4 New Year's Resolutions that people make each year!


Book cover with a squirrel sitting on a stool in his treehouse looking at a January calendar
Squirrel's New Year's Resolution by Pat Miller

Squirrel's New Year's Resolution by Pat Miller

Squirrel cannot think of a New Year's resolution until she realizes that by helping her friends, she has made one after all.

Children's Picture Book

Check out more children's New Year's books in the Holiday Section on the Children's Floor!

DVD cover with two dancers on the front
Latin Cardio Dance

Latin Cardio Dance

Goal #1 Exercise More

Dance yourself slim with four sizzling and sexy Latin dance routines that feature some of the best fat-burning moves from the show. Includes a specialized toning workout that dancers use to sculpt and lengthen their muscles. No partner needed!

Adult DVD

More exercise DVDs can be found in Periodicals in the DVD/HEAL > Exercise section!

Book cover
When Organizing Isn't Enough: SHED Your Stuff by Julie Morgenstern

When Organizing Isn't Enough: SHED Your Stuff

by Julie Morgenstern

Goal #2 Be More Organized

Outlines organizational steps through which anyone weighed down by physical and mental clutter can revamp careers, relationships, and other life areas, and offers a four-step program for eliminating mess, prioritizing, and renewing one's motivation.

Adult Non-Fiction

Looking for more organizational resources? Check out the House & Home > Decluttering section on the Main floor!

Photograph of a cutting board with balls of yarn & knitting needles
Try-It-Out Knitting Kit

Try-It-Out Knitting Kit

Goal #3 - Learn a New Skill

Check out the Library's do-it-yourself knitting kit! The kit includes: 2 no. 8 knitting needles - 2 no. 6 knitting needles - 1 knitting gage - 1 clear plastic container - 1 stitch holder - 1 knit tally - 2 point protectors - 15 stitch markers - 1 cable needle 2 plastic tapestry needles. 1 book: I taught myself knitting.

Adult Kit

Check out the Craft & Hobbies section on the Main floor for more ideas! Other Try-It-Out Kits include: Needlepoint & Crochet

Book cover with a picture of the author
Happily Ever After by Trista Sutter

Happily Ever After by Trista Sutter

Goal #4 - Live Life to the Fullest

One of the rare stars of The Bachelor/Bachelorette reality series to actually find a true, lasting romance shares how every woman can find happiness and success in love, family, work, and life through appreciation and grace. Through personal stories, as well as anecdotes from friends, family, and experts, Trista shares the simple yet profound keys to finding everyday happiness and success.

Adult Non-Fiction

Looking for more ways to live life to the fullest? Head to the Self Help section on the Main floor!

Happy New Year!!

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