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Don't Let Rainy Days Get You Down!

It may be raining outside, but Earth Day, Opening Day, and Arbor Day are all here to brighten things up! Check out the displays on the Children's Floor! As books are checked out from the display new ones will be added so drop in and check it out or order online by simply clicking the links!

Don't forget to get in on all the puddle splashing fun by adding your own duck to the bulletin board!


Quack, quack! April showers leave behind lots of puddles for little ducks to splash around in! Come in and draw your own duck to splash around in some springtime fun!

All are welcome to contribute throughout the month of April!

Photo of the bulletin board with several hand drawn ducks in puddles
Quack, Quack!

Every day is Earth Day!

Let's learn how we can keep it clean with these great books in the Non-Fiction section!

Top Row: The Magic School Bus Rides Again All About Earth (DVD), Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn, Outside You Notice by Erin Alladin

Bottom Row: Finding Wild by Megan Wagner Lloyd, Grand Canyon by Jason Chin

Yay! It's Opening Day!

Baseball is officially starting, who are you rooting for? We've got a great selection of books on several teams just waiting for you!

Top Row: Baseball Around the World by Chris Singleton, Chicago Cubs by George Castle, Jack at Bat by Mac Barnett & Greg Pizzoli

Bottom Row: Randy Riley's Really Big Hit by Chris Van Dusen, 42 is Not Just a Number by Doreen Rappaport, St. Louis Cardinals by Jim Whiting

Arbor Day is April 28th! Come check out these books about trees!

Top Row: Stretch to the Sun by Carrie A. Pearson, Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson, Fern Gully (DVD)

Bottom Row: The Tree Lady by Joseph H. Hopkins, What is Climate Change by Gail Herman

Those April showers might have you spending lots of time indoors this spring, but these books are the perfect companion to stay inside with. Whether they're an old favorite or a brand new adventure, you'll be cure to find something you can cozy up with here!

Top Row: Pepper & Boo Puddle Trouble by Charise Mericle Harper, There is a Rainbow by Theresa Trinder, One Rainy Day by Tammi Salzano

Bottom Row: Rainforest Wonders by Hannah Wood, A Head Full of Birds by Alexandra Garibal

Check back next week for some featured movies & TV series for the month of February!

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