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"5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Next Library Book Sale Visit"

Friends of the Library book sale flyer with a stack of books, dvds/blu-rays, and cds

Calling all bookworms! Join the Friends of the Library's book sale for a treasure trove of gently used books, DVDs/Blu-rays, music CDs, puzzles, and more all at incredible prices. Find hidden gems for everyone and support your local library at the same time! Here are a handful of tips to make your shopping experience a win!


Book Sale Tip One - Arrive Early... or Don't

Photo of several volunteers sorting books for the book sale
Volunteers Sorting Items

For the best selection, you will want to arrive early. However, if you cannot arrive early or you just do not want to fight the crowds, never fear, there will still be plenty to choose from. And at $1 a bag on day 2, can you really go wrong?

Book Sale Tip Two - Bring Your Own Bag...

or Two or Three

Remember all of those canvas bags you have stashed somewhere but forget to use? Now is the time to break them out. While plastic bags will work, plastic bags and books do not play well together so grab those canvas bags. Depending on your budget, multiple bags may be the way to go, so grab several to bring with you.

Book Sale Tip Three - Know What You Want

Have a favorite author? Write that author down! Have a new-ish book that you are dying to read? Write it down! Have a favorite book that you only have on your Kindle but would LOVE to have a physical copy? You know what to do, write that book down! While there are no guarantees that you will find everything you are looking for, a list just might save you from passing over that book that you really wanted while you are browsing through the thousands of items at the book sale! Don't forget to write down favorite movies and bands that you would also like to add to your collection. You just never know what you will find at the Friends of the Library Book Sale!

Book Sale Tip Four - Start Fresh, Then Browse

Photo of a shelf of vintage books
You Never Know What You Will Find!

Depending on how much time you have to spend at the book sale, you might want to look specifically for those items you wrote down in Tip Three before just casually browsing. Hit the sections that might contain your "must haves" first while your mind is still fresh. It is easy to miss that "must have" after you have been casually browsing for a hour or so. Have all the time in the world to casually browse? Ignore Tip Four and go to it! I envy you!

Book Sale Tip Five - Embrace Serendipity

Take a chance! Grab that book that "might be interesting" or the movie that has the amazing cover art. Or maybe that book that has the WORST COVER EVER! At book sale prices, what do you have to lose? Just do it! You might find that secret gem you have always been looking for - without even knowing you needed it! Did you find a dud that you know you will never read/watch it again, pass it on to a friend, pop it in a Little Free Library, or donate it back to the library for the next book sale. What you might not care for, I might find amazing! Let the circle of books continue.

Friends of the Vespasian Warner Library Book Sale Details

Located in the Revere Ware Room, the Friends of Vespasian Warner Library's book sale will be held from:

9AM-4PM Friday, April 19th, 2024

9AM-3PM Saturday, April 20th, 2024

All items will be regular book sale prices (see flyer above) on Friday and will drop to $1 a bag on Saturday. Please bring your own bags to carry away your wonderful treasures.

Special pricing for educators will be available both days!

$1 a bag on Friday & $1 for 2 bags on Saturday.

Drop in and grab some great items for your classroom.

Two hours = A Big Change

Check out these before and after pictures of the volunteers getting things organized for the book sale! What started as a room full of empty tables is now a bookworm heaven! A special shout out to our high school volunteers that provide needed muscle to move all of the boxes of heavy books! You guys rock it EVERY year!

Thank you to the Friends of the Library Volunteers! These lovely humans spend tons of their own time sorting donations, boxing donations, and organizing donations all year round in preparation for the 2 book sales. These volunteers are amazing and the book sale would not be possible without them. We are so thankful for all of your hard work and the countless programs, equipment upgrades, seed library restocks, and Summer Reading supplies that the fruits of all of your volunteer labor supply to our Vespasian Warner Library! You are all amazing!

Want to join in on all the fun? The Friends of the Library organization is always looking for new volunteers. Contact the Friends of the Library organization at FRIENDSOFVWARNERLIBRARY@GMAIL.COM for more information!

We are ready! Are You? See you at 9AM Friday Morning!

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