Summer Reading 

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Reading Colors Your World

2021 Summer Reading FAQ

When is Summer Reading? 

Summer Reading begins June 1 & runs through July 31, 2021.  Registration begins on June 1 & you can start reading right away!  Getting started late?  That's okay!  Register anytime during the summer at the Library.  Everyone from birth through adult can participate!

Is Summer Reading in-person or online this year? 

In-person!  You will receive a paper reading path to take home when you register!  Curbside service is also available if preferred.

Do I need a library card? 

No!  Community members who live within the Library district boundaries are encouraged to sign up for a free library card, but they are not required for participation.

How much Summer Reading cost? 

It is free for everyone!

What reading group should I sign up for?  That is up to you!  Check out the reading groups below!

  • Pastel Possums - Great for young children who do not read on their own yet.  Move forward one space on your reading path for each book you read.  Prizes include: small toys, book, & entry into a grand prize drawing.

  • Bold Buffalo - Awesome for kids who often read independently.  Move forward one space on your reading path for each 30 minutes you read.  Prizes include: small toys, book, & entry into a grand prize drawing.

  • Sepia Sloths -  Everyone should have fun!  This group is for teens & adults.  Move forward one space on your reading path for each hour you read.  Prizes include: chances for instant prizes & entries into a grand prize drawing.

Still unsure?  Ask a Library staff member!

When can I get a prize? 

There are no date requirements or deadlines!  Follow your reading path at your own pace.   The last day to pickup prizes is July 31.

What type of reading counts?   

All reading counts toward your reading goal!  This includes books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, audiobooks, or even the back of the cereal box.  You can read books from the library, home, or other sources.

Are there performers or events this year?   

There are variety of programs & events happening at the library this summer independent of Summer Reading.  Stay tuned for announcements about in-person events & grab 'n go kits!

Is there any "fine print"?  Library employees, board members, & their immediate family members may participate in Summer Reading, but are not eligible to enter and/or win any prize drawings.  Each participant may only claim each prize one time during the summer.  No teams or sharing, please.

What about...  If you have any other question, please call the library at 217-935-5174.  We're happy to help!