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Summer Reading Prizes: What Can You Win When You Dive into a Good Book?

Photograph of Luna the bearded dragon next to our Summer Reading theme "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"
Luna is ready!

Summer Reading is just a day away! Check out all of the cool Summer Reading prizes you could win when you complete your rows on your reading path. Will you be a Fabulous Fox, Proud Puffin, or a Wise Walrus? What prizes will you pick? We have all the details!


Prizes? What prizes?

Summer Reading graphic thanking all of our sponsors: Ace Hardware, Casey's, Friends of the Library, Clinton Education Association, YMCA, Dairy Queen, Hammer Strength and Fitness, Heartland Bank, Jimmy Johns, Kirby Foods, Lexi Hammer Photography, The Flower Corner, Monicals Pizza, Caili Russel & Family, Timeless Beauty Farms, Snappers, Clintonia Eagle, Subway, Sweet Mae's, and Taylor Abstract

By finishing each row on the reading path, you will be eligible to win a variety of fantastic prizes generously donated or bought by our amazing sponsors!

While reading at your own speed, you can decide between selecting prizes from the treasure boxes or gaining an additional ticket for the Summer Reading grand prize drawings - more on that in a minute!

Photograph of the Fabulous Fox and Proud Puffin reading maps and assorted treasure box prizes

Prizes on the children's floor consist of croc charms that can be added to your stylish new bracelet or a prize from the Treasure Box. This year, the Treasure Box prizes include playdoh, race cars, beach balls, stickers, tattoos, rubber duckies, fun pens, and many other exciting items!

Photograph of the Wise Walrus Tracking Slip and assorted treasure box prizes

Inside the adult floor Treasure Box, you will find a variety of bookmarks, fidget spinners, anxiety stickers, pens, and many other items! As the Treasure Boxes start to empty out, additional prizes will be added in the Treasure Boxes on every floor.

And yes, adults can pick from the children's floor Treasure Box and children can choose items from the adult Treasure Box. We do not limit the fun!

How do I get in on the Grand Prize action?

Easy! Complete the reading path to earn a ticket for each row filled out. These tickets can be entered into the prize box of your choice. Explore the 24 Grand Prize items located on the main floor of the library near the circulation desk or view the gallery of photos below!

Would you like an additional opportunity each time you complete a row on your reading path? You can easily choose to not pick a Treasure Box reward and instead receive an extra ticket for the Grand Prize item of your choice!

So which reading path will you choose?

Photograph of Proud Puffin and Fabulous Fox trackers and the grand prize tickets

The Fabulous Fox Reading Path is perfect for young children who are not yet reading independently. Mark a circle on your reading path for each book you read with someone else. You will receive a small reward and a Grand Prize entry for every 8 books completed.

Perhaps you identify as a Proud Puffin! The Proud Puffin Reading Path is perfect for children who enjoy reading on their own. Mark a circle on your reading path for every 30 minutes of reading. You will receive a small reward and a Grand Prize entry for every 4 hours of reading.

We want EVERYONE to have fun, so The Wise Walrus Reading Path is designed for teenagers and adults alike! Simply mark a circle on your reading path for each hour of reading. You will receive a small reward and a Grand Prize entry for every 8 hours of reading.

What Grand Prizes would staff pick if we could?

Luna, the staff, and the library fairies may join the Summer Reading program if they wish, but they will not qualify for the Grand Prizes. Some staff members have already checked out the Treasure Boxes and have a wish list of what they would love to claim as their prize. Watch Facebook for a post about the Grand Prizes the staff would pick. As for Luna and the library fairies...

Luna would love to win Grand Prize 13 - the Lego Botanical Collection: Tiny Plants - to enhance her enclosure on the children's floor. Luna loves the children's floor and as a Fabulous Fox, she would love for you to drop by and read her a story so she can mark off a circle on her reading path. Bonus, you get to count it on your reading path too!

Weatherby (W.B.), the fairy on the children's floor, would love to organize a dance party with Grand Prize 15 - the Karaoke Machine and Sound Activated Disco Light. Can you imagine the fun that would be had by all! What music would you sing to?

Echo, the audio/visual fairy, is excited about prize 7 - Movie night at the Clintonia Eagle that includes 2 passes, 2 large drinks, popcorn bucket and an assortment of candy - she adores movies! What movie would you pick to see at the Eagle?

Morgan, the fairy on the adult floor, is thrilled about Grand Prize 8 - A gardening prize package that includes a bird feeder, knee pad, and gardening set. She said she would use her fairy powers to shrink it to fairy size and get started on her garden right away!

What would you choose? We cannot wait to find out!

When can I sign up?

Promotional Flyer for the Summer Reading Kick-off

Tomorrow, June 1st, is the first official day of Summer Reading signups! Drop by for our kick-off party on the library lawn from 9-10AM to register for your reading path, play lawn games, get a tour of a firetruck, enjoy a snow cone from Sweet Mae's, and grab a balloon animal by local artist Lillian Hammer! All free!

If you can't make it to the Kick-off party, don't worry! Feel free to stop by anytime to register and join in on all the fun! Just make sure to begin tracking your time on June 1st so you can add it to your reading journey after signing up!

We are ready! Are you?

We cannot wait to see you!

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