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Summer Reading... Fairy Style!

Since the Library is buzzing with Summer Readers, we thought we would ask the Fairies what is on their reading lists, if they have signed up, & if so, what prizes they are looking forward to!

Not signed up yourself? It is not to late! Drop into the Library & sign up today!!


Echo - The Periodicals Room Fairy

Book cover with a young lady holding a rabbit in her arms
Your Rabbit by Nancy Searle

Hello! Yes! I have signed up for the Summer Reading & I am in the Teen/Adult Beacon Readers! I have completed my first 16 hours & am trying to decide on which treasure box prize I would like! The Oceans of Possibilities post-its look amazing! I might use them for making notes on taking care of my pet rabbit, Wiggles! Or maybe to make my new must see movie list! What am I reading? Well, I am trying to learn more about my white rabbit so I picked up "Your Rabbit" by Nancy Searle! It has a ton of great information! I also enjoyed "10 Sure Signs a Movie Character Is Doomed" by Richard Roeper! Not sure what movie to watch next? Check out the different lists in this book!

Happy Reading!

- Echo

Book cover with Richard Roeper on the front
10 Sure Signs a Movie Character is Doomed by Richard Roeper

Children's Floor - J ANIMALS Rabbits Searle

Adult Non-Fiction - ENT > Movies > General > ROE

Weatherby - The Children's Floor Fairy

Book cover with a cowboy holding a guitar on the back of a horse
C is for Country by Lil Nas X

Of course I signed up for Summer Reading! We've been hard at work on the preparations up here for quite some time. Oh, I just couldn't wait for June 1st. Since I live in the library, I signed up at the stroke of midnight! I may have even been the first to sign up 🙂 I am a Penguin Reader! I have already made it through level 3! My first prize choice was the rubber ducky (so I have another friend), an airplane (which I am struggling to put together) and a gift card for ice cream! I will share that with Echo and Morgan once a staff member brings it in for us! We LOVE ice cream! What wonderful prizes we have this year, right?!

- Weatherby

Book cover with a crocodile in the water with a flamingo
Crocodile Hungry by Eija Sumner

I have read ALOT of books,

but here are two of my favorites!

Children's Floor - Picture Book - J PIC LIL

Children's Floor - Picture Book - J PIC SUM

Morgan - The Main Floor Fairy

Book cover with a black & blue butterfly on a purple flower
Gardening for Butterflies by Scott Hoffman Black

WOW! The library has just been buzzing with all of the Summer Readers! I am signed up as a Teen/Adult Beacon Reader & I am filling in circles on my reading path! I was so excited to claim my first prize - a pink wiener dog balloon eraser! I have named him Bubbles! Ha! I have been reading a lot about setting up a garden for butterflies & bees! The beach sand in my garden is nice, but it makes me think of the ocean! So summer flowers will be coming soon & hopefully some bees & butterflies! I have been sitting with my toes in the sand reading a few mystery novels! The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens is a personal favorite of mine!

- Morgan

by Scott Hoffman Black

Adult Non-Fiction - GAR & LAN > Garden Design > GAR

by Allen Eskens

Thank you Echo, Weatherby, & Morgan

for giving all of us a glimpse into Fairy life!

Keep reading everyone & don't forget that it is

not to late to sign up for Summer Reading!

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