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Fan of True Crime?

Photo of a crime scene bulletin board with photos, maps, and red string

Take a trip into the audio/visual room! We are celebrating Sherlock Holmes and TV Moms! We also have a selection of materials to satisfy your true crime itch!

As DVDs & Blu-rays are checked out from the displays new ones will be added so drop in and check it out! Or order online by simply clicking on the item that you would like to request! Once you receive notification that your item is in, drop by and pick up your item!


"It is the unofficial force—the Baker Street irregulars."

Celebrate Sherlock Holmes with a great mystery movie or TV series!

We are celebrating Mother's Day by featuring your favorite, and maybe not so favorite, TV moms!

Need your True Crime fix? We got you covered!

Check back in two weeks for all the details for Summer Reading!

Sign up begins June 1st!

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