Vespasian Warner Public Library District Terms of Use of Meeting Rooms

The Vespasian Warner Public Library District (VWPLD) provides the use of meeting rooms for library-related, cultural, civic, and educational purposes. Permission to use library facilities does not constitute endorsement by VWPLD of a group or organization’s policies or beliefs.

Terms of Use:


  • All attendees at all events must follow the Patron Rules of Conduct (see attached).

  • Library programming takes priority.

  • Groups may not reserve rooms more than once per month.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the library building and no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.

  • Children’s birthday parties are not permitted.

  • Sales are only permitted in the Activity Room and the Revere Ware Room. Items for sale must be approved by library when booking the event. Prohibited sales items include, but are not limited to: weapons, alcohol, smoking or drug paraphernalia, and items of an adult nature. Selling is only permitted in the rented room. Renters may not solicit sales from staff or library patrons. 

Booking and Payment:

  • Rooms will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms may be reserved over the phone, but the completed application form and payment must be returned to the library within five business days of booking. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the room to another group.

  • The library does not invoice.

  • Reservations must be made at least three business days in advance of the meeting but will not be accepted more than one year in advance.

  • VWPLD should be notified immediately of a cancellation. Refunds will be made only if the library is notified 48 hours in advance of the cancellation. VWPLD reserves the right to cancel any reservation with a two-week notice.

  • You may reserve the Revere Room for the night before your meeting to set up, provided no one else has booked the room. The earliest you may make the reservation for set-up is three days before your event. The fee for early set-up is $25.

Room Use:

  • Renters are responsible for set up, including tables and chairs.

  • Rooms must be left in a clean and orderly condition, which includes putting away tables and chairs and taking garbage out to the dumpster on the east side of the building. VWPLD provides garbage bags and a vacuum. cleaner. Areas will be checked for cleanliness and damage after each rental. Failure to clean a room, including failure to put away tables and chairs, will result in a $25 fee.

  • You may not use tape of any kind to hang decorations. If you wish to hang decorations, you may use the cork-board walls in the Revere Room or Activity Room. Glitter is not permitted in any meeting room.

  • VWPLD opens at 9 A.M. Monday – Saturday. Any group wishing to enter the building before that time must pay the closed hours rate until 9 A.M.. Note: The earliest any group can enter the building is 8 A.M.. All event participants must be out of the meeting rooms fifteen minutes prior to library closing time (Monday-Thursday 8 P.M., Friday 5 P.M, and Saturday 4 P.M.) or must pay closed hours rate. Note: The Activity Room is not available during closed hours.

  • All event participants are requested to park in the back of the parking lot during open hours.

  • Children attending any events must be supervised by an adult at all times.


        I have read and understand VWPLD’s meeting room terms of use.


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