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The Vespasian Warner Public Library offers free notary service during regular business hours. NOTE: You must present a photo ID to use this service.


Home-Bound Delivery

If you live within the Vespasian Warner Public Library District, and cannot drive to the library due to a medical condition, you may sign up for free home delivery of books, movies, and more. More information can be found on the Home-Bound Delivery page.


Test Proctoring

The library offers free test proctoring service during regular business hours. Please call 217-935-5174 or email for more information. 


Free Libraries

The library has free-standing kiosks throughout the district where members of the public may take and leave free books, movies, and magazines. Locations include Lane, Wapella, and Hallsville.


Meeting Rooms

Patrons in good standing can rent the meeting rooms for civic events and social events. Children's parties will not be scheduled in any of the rooms.


The Revere Ware Room accomodates up to 150 with an attached kitchen for catering. The fee during open hours is $10 per hour.  VWPLD opens at 9 A.M. Monday – Saturday. Any group wishing to enter the building before that time must pay the closed hours rate until 9 A.M.. Note: The earliest any group can enter the building is 8 A.M.. All event participants must be out of the meeting rooms fifteen minutes prior to library closing time (Monday-Thursday 8 P.M., Friday 5 P.M, and Saturday 4 P.M.) or must pay closed hours rate.  The fee for the Revere Room on Sundays or holidays is $100. You can pay the the reservation fee online by visiting our ePay site.


The Activity Room accomodates up to 60 and can only be reserved during the hours the Library is open. The fee is $5 per hour. You can pay the reservation fee online by visiting our ePay site.


The Board Room/Museum accomodates 12 at the table and may be reserved for organizational meetings of non-profit groups for free during the hours the Library is open. The Museum may be reserved for after-hours special events for $400 for twelve hours. Reservation requires a $100 deposit. You can pay the reservation fee by visiting our ePay site


Study Rooms acccomodate 6 and can be reserved during the hours the Library is open for no fee.


- Patrons with deliquent accounts may not rent any of the rooms
- We will charge a $800.00 fee for lost or stolen keys. The person who rented the room must pay $800.00 to cover the cost of having the building re-keyed and replacing all the keys. The $800.00 will NOT be refunded if the key is located after the building is re-keyed.


Meeting Room Rules. 


The following equipment is available for use in the Meeting Rooms:

* Podium

* Projection Screen


* Chalk Board

* Overhead Projector

* LCD Projector

* DVD/Blu-ray Player 


You can reserve a room by calling 217-935-5174, emailing Janet at, or filling out the form below. Please note:filling out the form below does not guarantee room availability. You can also download the  meeting room reservation form & read the meeting room rules.



Library Equipment Available for Public Use:

* Personal Computer

* Roku 1

* Internet

* Scanners

* Copiers

* Microfilm Reader

* Typewriter

* Fax

* Laminator

* Sizzix Machine and dies

* Button Maker

* Color Copier

* Seed Library


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