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Short stories and active movements for little ones from birth to 36 months and their grownups. 

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         1000 BOOKS


                                   A family challenge that celebrates early learning

                                   & the fun of sharing stories!

            The best way to ensure a child has the skills necessary to learn to read is having someone read aloud to them.  They will learn that letters make sounds, sounds make words, and words make stories!  Create life long memories and instill a love of reading in your child.

Who can sign up?

            Any child from birth until kindergarten, at any time.

What books count?

            Books read at bedtime, storytime, by teachers, librarians, family, & most importantly YOU!   If you read it more than once, count it!  Ebooks count, too.

Does it have an end date?

            Your end date is when your child begins kindergarten.

How do we keep track?

            Sign up at the Children’s Room desk.  You will get a log to track your first 100 books (a check mark in a shape or have your child color it in).  Bring it back to us when you reach 100 for a certificate and a new log.  We will put a sticker displaying your child’s name in the library book of your choice.  From then on everyone who checks out the book will see that you are participating in 1000 Books before Kindergarten.  Your child’s name in a book is your option.


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